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Our most important team member. Because without them we would have nowhere to sail. Our Makhanee will be born in 2022 and will be traveling with us from Lisbon on July 1, 2022 (so it is still in production).

The logo was created by a dear friend ( ) and contains all the natural features that are important for sailing and for moving forward.

The round lines symbolize the sun, the birds the wind, the waves the water and the golden brown color the earth.

Makhanee is derived from the Hawaiian word "Makani", because Makani is pronounced Makhanee and means: breeze, wind.


Full factory options 
Installed extra:
-       Reinforced Tenderlift Liftings
-       Custom made mattresses for master and 1 guestroom from Victoria Yachting
-       Carpets (removable) in all cabins
-       Rocna 33kg anchor upgrade
-       Cover for Dinghy
-       Generator Whisper Power 12kVa 220V/50Hz (270 running hrs)
-       Watermaker Dessalator 100L (26 US Gal) / hour for both, 12V or 220V (140 running hrs)
-       LG Washmachine & Dryer
-       Quooker Hot/Cold Water System
-       WiFi Router Peplink Max BR1 Pro 5G with Maritime Antennas
-       Inmarsat Fleet One System - F4-A100-S Intellian Antenna
-       SSB Radio ICOM-M804#21 Pack with Maritime Antenna
-       Pre-fitting for Wine-Cooler
-       Installation & ropes for Code 0 and/or Parasail
-       Safety Stoppers for Starboard Rudder
-       Stainless Steel Liferaft Support with Cover
Boat will come with additional:
-       Code 0 Bow Sprit, Performance Downwind Sail can be added to the bow sprit
-       New antifouling and propeller care
-       Oxley Levante Parasail
-       1x EPIRB
-       4x RescueME MOB AIS
-       2 Standup Paddles
-       1 Kayak (3 Persons)
-       Flags for Mediterranean Countries and Caribbean Islands
-       Signal flags
-       Dehumidifier
-       Extras for storing etc.
-       Lots of spares, lines and other equipment
-       Fishing Equipment
and last but not least: Lagoon Club Membership
All original documents and declarations for the boat and dinghy are available. All engines on board are serviced in accordance with respective fabric guidelines

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