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Live your lifestyle - the way you like it!

I am convinced that we have everything we need to be happy within us. But it is often not clearly visible or buried and it takes will and love to get a clear view in order to become open to one's own happiness again. No matter what topic you come to me with. You always experience instant relaxation. Only when you are relaxed can you approach your topics in a relaxed manner. Because the topic always has to do with stress in some form. When you are relaxed, your head is clear, your emotions are calm, your body is relaxed.

I also use a meditation/focus tailored to you in some coaching sessions. This also helps you to emotionally process everything that has been said and to look ahead and let go. 

It is important to me that you rediscover this deep joy and contentment within yourself. Let's tackle it together, I'm happy!



I have completed training in the following areas and can support you accordingly:

personal development

  • Master Vocation and Potential Coach CIS (ICI & ECA)

  • Personality and Life Coach CIS (ICI & ECA)

  • Psychosynthesis Advisor

  • Integral Coach CIS (ECA)

  • Course leader SVEB 1


  • nutritionist


  • yoga teacher

  • Reiki

  • hypnosis


  • aerobics teacher

  • Pilates teacher

  • yoga teacher

If you want, we will put together a program for you that will lead you back to where you want to be in the long term. You can also book coaching/conversations/consultations with me by the hour.

We conduct all conversations online, as I am traveling with a sailing catamaran in the Mediterranean.

The first 30-minute call is free. This way we can get to know each other and decide whether it's a good fit. Without pressure. You can then choose one of the following three packages. 

Makhanee 1 - CHF 130.00 for 60 minutes

You decide after each hour whether we continue on the path together or not.

Makhanee 2 - CHF 330.00 for 60 minutes

3 discussions/consultations/coachings 

Makhanee 3 - CHF 530.00 for 60 minutes

5 discussions/consultations/coachings 

& a meditation spoken by me, tailored just for you


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